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Oya Bath & Floor Wash

Use this bath to rid off negative energy and entities. You can also clean your floors and counter tops as well. Oya is indeed associated with protection, strength, and transformation for better job opportunities. 


***Disclaimer: Imperial CandleLight LLC promises no garauntees




1. Shake well. 

2. Fill bucket half way with water (about 6 liters).

3. Pour half contents (8oz) and mix well. 

4. Then rinse off with mixture. Pray and ask Oya for Protection, Transformation and Money.


***Note: There are specific prayers for Oya you can find on the internet or in Orisha books.


5. Repeat step 1-4 with rest of contents in the near future for a second bath.




Distilled water, cologne, essential oils, and herbs specific to Oya.

Oya Bath & Floor Wash

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