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Valentine's Day Gift Basket

Enjoy this beautiful gift basket for your love one. Filled with sweet luxurious items that anyone can indulge in. 


What's inside:


Heart Shaped Candle - Love Spell fragrance with hints of sugar and almond

Golden Honey Hand Soap - Notes of sweet honey, fragrant almomds, warm                                                                   musk and creamy vanilla

White Amber Room Spray - Deliciously sweet. A blend of amber, vanilla, and                                                           musk

Sweet as Honey Wax Melt - Light hints of honey, jasmine, and citrus,                                                                             stronger scent of cinnamon and wood

Coconut Candy Wax Melt - A blend of honey, almonds, lemon, coconut, and                                                            vanilla

2 Doubled Stuffed Oreo cookie lollipops, dipped in delectable white/milk chocolate

Light up artificial rose

1 Bag of chocolate crunch hearts

8" I Love You Teddy Bear

Wick Trimmer

And beautiful decorations


Made with 100% Coconut Apricot Wax. No Additives.  


***A $100 value. You Save 40% 



Valentine's Day Gift Basket

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